Our Solutions

They are made to meet your needs and industry requirements. They combine performance, energy efficiency and durability, while being designed to adapt to your specific applications and needs. Discover our latest innovations and tailor-made solutions, ensuring a more comfortable working environment and more efficient industrial operations.
Clean rooms
Controlled environment zone for the health, mechanics, microelectronics and aeronautics industries with control of the following measures:
  • Temperature
  • Hygrometry
  • Pressure
  • Particle’s number
Rooms classified ISO 5 to ISO 8 according to the ISO 14644 standard. ABN offers air treatment, partitions, floor resin, lighting, airlock furniture and turnkey solution.
Positive cold room
Designed for the conservation of products between 0 and 10ºC, it is mainly used for the conservation of fresh food, drinks or medicines. The distribution of positive cold is done using a secondary fluid. This solution provides several advantages:
  • No loss of mass on the products.
  • Low pressure in the distribution circuit
  • Low risk of leakage
  • Contact with secondary fluid and personnel or product is safe
  • Energy saving
Ripening room
Room monitored in temperature and humidity allowing the maturing of soft or pressed cheeses.
Individual Quick Freezer (IQF)
Equipment used for rapid freezing (a few minutes). This solution allows the texture and organoleptic qualities of the products to be preserved. This equipment can be linear or spiral.
Deep freezing
Allows to freeze large volume food products (chicken, meat, seafood, etc.) in just a few hours for long storage in an environment between -35°C and -40°C.
Blast cooling
Solution which consists of cooling food or health products to the core as quickly as possible. This makes it possible to slow down or even block any microbial proliferation and thus extend their lifespan.
Blast chilling
poultry blast chilling is a crucial step in the slaughtering process. The blast chilling is designed to cool poultry carcasses as quickly as possible after evisceration with precise control of temperature and humidity to ensure less than 2% mass loss and more than 10 days shelf life. The blast chilling can be static or dynamic.
Negative cold room
Used to store frozen or deep-frozen products between -20°C and -30ºC such as food products, vaccines or organic materials. In our installations, we favor the use of natural fluids such as ammonia (NH3) or CO2 for the production of negative cold.
Mobile solar cold room « Solar Cooler »
Autonomous solution for preserving food and health products in isolated sites not equipped with an electrical network.